Goals and purposes of the DGKL


The DGKL represents, promotes and develops clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine in research, teachings and patient care. It strives to secure departmental chairs for education and continuing education, to advance research in all areas of laboratory medicine and clinical pathology respectively, to improve diagnostics and care for patients in all areas, to promote interdisciplinary dialog for medical doctors and scientists and therewith achieve further development of our subject matter.



The DGKL especially promotes

  • the professional qualification of scientific offspring

  • the education and continuing education of doctors


  • the continuing education of natural scientists


  • the organization of scientific conferences
  • Projects in research and education
  • Measures for the improvement in early detection, diagnosis, progression assessment and therapy monitoring of illnesses


  • Measures for the improvement of medical care


  • The DGKL donation to Pathobiochemistry and molecular diagnostic.


  • Awarding scholarly prizes


  • The conferral of recognition as a clinical chemist


  • The publishing of scientific magazines


Foundation for Pathobiochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics

Reference Institute for Bioanalytics