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Laboratory results are evaluated on the basis of guide limits. The generic term “guide limits” covers reference intervals, decision and action limits. According to the definition, reference intervals contain 95% of the results of non-ill people.

Decision limits allow an efficient separation of healthy and pathological persons. Action limits are empirically defined limits, beyond which, an instruction for handling is associated (example: PSA >4 µg/l prostate biopsy). In determining these intervals and limits and assessing their validity, statistical methods are of great importance.

In a long-term cooperation Prof. Dr. Rainer Haeckel, Dr. Werner Wosniok and Dr. Farhad Arzideh from the Department of Statistics of Bremen University have been working on this file. In 2007, the loose cooperation was then transferred to the working group (guide limits) of the DGKL (German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine).

The working group usually meets twice a year.

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