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Molecular Diagnostics

DNA analysis in relation to human diseases

The Molecular Diagnostics division was founded on 10.10.2009 at the DGKL Annual Conference in Leipzig.

It sees itself as an umbrella organisation for four working groups:

The division serves as an interdisciplinary platform for medical societies who require molecular examination methods for diagnosis tasks. The division is one of the Society's main focal points. Its aim is to develop interdisciplinary strategies and thus particularly improve diagnostics in the areas of multifactorial diseases and develop diagnostic pathways.

It combines various topics of the DGKL that are currently being addressed in working groups and is intended to integrate molecular diagnostics from different analytical areas.

The Molecular Diagnostics division is an umbrella for the working groups Genomics (formerly Molecular and Chip Diagnostics), Proteomics and Bioinformatics. The participation of technical platforms related to analytics is encouraged, especially where possible across disciplines. A Biobanking working group, which is in the process of being founded, is also to be integrated into the objectives of the division.


Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Teupser / München

Vice Chair:
PD Dr. med. Michael Kiehntopf / Jena