RfB-Calibration Laboratory 1

The calibration laboratory at the Bio Campus

The calibration laboratory is a scientific facility of the Reference Institute for Bioanalytics (RfB). Using traceable reference measurement procedures of the highest metrological order, the laboratory determines target values, or so-called reference method values, in control materials for external quality control in laboratory medicine.

30 years ago, the first reference measurement methods for the determination of hormones were developed at the University Hospital in Bonn. Since then, the range of measured variables has steadily expanded. The range currently comprises 30 measured variables from the fields of metabolites and substrates, enzymes, hormones, electrolytes, pharmaceuticals and proteins.

The calibration laboratory is accredited as a calibration laboratory by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) for all reference methods used in accordance with the requirements of the directive of the German Medical Association according to the international standards 17025 and 15195. The reference methods together with the calibration laboratory are internationally recognized by a listing at the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM).

In addition to the determination of reference method values for external quality assurance, the calibration laboratory offers the certification of calibrators, control materials and panels of human serum, plasma and urine. Thanks to this service, traceability of measurement results to the highest metrological level is possible.

As an independent laboratory with extensive analytical experience, the calibration laboratory offers diagnostic manufacturers the opportunity to support development of routine measurement procedures. This enables diagnostic manufacturers to guarantee the optimal traceability of their routine measurement procedures.

In addition, research and development of new reference methods are in the focus of the work of the RfB calibration laboratory.

The calibration laboratory maintains long-standing close contacts with various renowned diagnostic manufacturers, national and international research institutes and metrology institutes.

The calibration laboratory scientists are involved in the relevant working groups of national and international standardization committees (DIN, ISO) as well as in committees of international scientific societies. The calibration laboratory therefore supports the development of quality assurance in laboratory medicine.


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