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RfB-Calibration Laboratory 2

The calibration laboratory at the Hannover Medical School (MHH)

The Hannover Calibration Laboratory offers high quality calibration services. Analysis and certification for a large number of measured variables in blood and urine is possible, whereby the spectrum is constantly being expanded. Since 2004 the laboratory has been accredited according to ISO 17025 and ISO 15195 and is significantly involved in the development and establishment of primary reference methods for enzymes. Most recently, the reference method for alkaline phosphatase was developed on an international basis within the framework of the C‑RSE (Committee of Reference Systems of Enzymes) of the IFCC (Schumann et al., 2011). This is now used by all major diagnostic companies for routine analysis. Current collaboration with other calibration laboratories includes the standardization of methods for determination of pancreatic amylase and lipase.

A cooperation already exists with PTB for the development of a reference system for the determination of pH, sodium and potassium in whole blood (measuring principle: ion-selective electrode, ISE).

For total haemoglobin (Hb) inblood, a consensus on a common reference procedure was reached with PTB and other calibration laboratories in 2018. After successful verification by the Hannover calibration laboratory, the target values for Hb in the RfB survey specimens are now also determined here.

There is a growing need for recognized standardization for the determination of immunosuppressants in patients’ blood. For the determination of reference method values of Ciclosporin in blood, a reference system was presented for the first time by the Hannover calibration laboratory (Grote-Koska et al., 2014).

Heads and deputies of the calibration laboratory in Hannover are active in various committees for the development and optimization of reference systems and the development of standards (IFCC-WG PE, IFCC-WG IS, ISO TC212 WG 2, DGKL-WG guidelines).

Publications from the calibration laboratory Hannover can be found here.

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