Laboratory medicine: Confirming diagnoses and supporting treatments – quickly, efficiently and correctly.


Collection and re-use of biological materials

  • Networking of DGKL biobank activities with national and international biobank initiatives (e.g. Biobank working groups of the TMF, BBMRI and ISBER)
  • Coordination of biobank activities within laboratory medicine
  • Standardization of organisation, setup and operation of biomaterial banks
    • Harmonisation of legal, ethical and data protection aspects relating to the establishment and operation of biobanks
    • Knowledge transfer between already existing / starting and possible new biobank initiatives within laboratory medicine
    • Implementation and development of biobank standards
    • Creation of SOPs
  • Quality assurance and quality management of biobanks
    • Establishment and execution of interlaboratory comparisons for the quality assurance of e.g. transport, storage and processing of biomaterials for members of the DGKL as well as for other disciplines
  • Strategic orientation and bundling of biobank activities within laboratory medicine with a view to
    • the successful application within the framework of national and international funding initiatives for the establishment of a biobank infrastructure
    • strengthening laboratory medicine at medical faculties by developing biobank services for better integration of laboratory medicine as a partner in translational clinical research

PD Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Kiehntopf / Jena