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Extra-Analytical Quality

Quality requirements outside the laboratory

The section „Extra-analytical Quality Assurance“ was formed on the basis of the former WG „Pre-analytics“. The focus of this WG is on central aspects of pre- and post-analysis. The following goals are currently being pursued:

  • The compendium „The Quality of Diagnostic Samples“), already written by the WG „Pre-analytics“ in cooperation with BD, is continuously updated and converted into new media forms (e.g. a mobile app, which DGKL members can already download free of charge in the member area).
  • The establishment of a standard catalogue for stability testing
  • The development of an interlaboratory survey for pre-analytics
  • Standards-based training presentations for physicians, MTA, BMA and nurses
  • Harmonizing the color coding of blood collection tubes


In 2017, the section published a standard working manual for peripheral venous blood sampling for laboratory medical diagnostics at De Gruyter Verlag. The Pdf is available here.

(Reference: von Meyer, A., Cadamuro, J., Streichert, T., et al. (2017). Standard-Arbeitsanleitung zur peripher venösen Blutentnahme für die labormedizinische Diagnostik. LaboratoriumsMedizin, 41(6), pp. 333-340. Retrieved 4 Dec. 2018, from doi:10.1515/labmed-2017-0127)


Dr. med. Alexander von Meyer / Munich