Laboratory medicine: Confirming diagnoses and supporting treatments – quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Laboratory Management

Optimisation of work areas by laboratory managers

At the suggestion of the DGKL executive committee, the Laboratory Management division was founded on 10.10.2011. The aim of the division is in particular the continuous scientific processing of extra-analytical services in laboratory medicine. This includes medical benefit assessments of laboratory diagnostics but also questions about the professional qualifications of those working in the medical laboratory or about modern laboratory organisation. Many of these topics have already been the subject of successful working groups within the DGKL.

As working groups can only be established for a limited period of time according to the statutes, continuity is to be ensured here by creating the Laboratory Management division as an umbrella for this activity. The members of the Laboratory Management division are mainly from the Laboratory Management WG, Public Relations WG, Diagnostic Pathways WG, Multimedia Teaching WG, POCT WG and In-/Outsourcing WG.


PD Dr. med. Matthias Orth / Stuttgart

1. Vice Chair:
Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Peter Aufenanger / Ingolstadt

2. Vice Chair:
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ralf Lichtinghagen / Hannover