Laboratory medicine: Confirming diagnoses and supporting treatments – quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Medical Informatics

Including information and communication technology for patients and research

The division „Medical Informatics“ investigates the possibilities of information and communication technology to electronically transmit, store and interpret laboratory results. The aim is to improve the treatment of patients and to support medical and laboratory research. The information obtained from laboratory tests must be presented to the right person at the right time, in the right place, and in the right context. On the other hand, new data-rich procedures in laboratory medicine, e.g. in the field of genetics, can benefit from electronically structured transmission of requests and further patient information to the laboratory.

The use of established standards such as LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes)  a prerequisite for the syntactically and semantically unambiguous exchange of laboratory results. However, without knowledge of laboratory medicine, the correct interpretation is often difficult, especially when analyses from different laboratories are combined. For this reason, the division „Medical Informatics“ is also engaged with quality assurance and new data models for laboratory findings.

In order to address these topics, the division „Medical Informatics“ cooperates with other associations such as the  Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie (GMDS) and the TMF – Technologie- und Methodenplattform für die vernetzte medizinische Forschung. Members of the division are specifically involved in the AG Interoperabilität der Medizininformatik-Initiative.


Dr. med. Andreas Bietenbeck / München