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Award for Biochemical Analytics

The German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine e. V. (DGKL) awards the „Biochemical Analytics“ prize for outstanding scientific work in the field of biochemical and molecular analytics.

The prize is awarded for methodological advances in the field of biochemical and molecular analytics and for new significant scientific discoveries in the field of biological sciences, particularly in clinical chemistry and clinical biochemistry involving the application of modern analytical methods.

Biochemical analysis includes methods of analytical chemistry which are based on biochemical reactions and/or reagents of biological origin; it also includes the use of methods and equipment, in particular those used in instrumental analysis, which allow the definition of biological and other parameters affecting biological processes.



€ 50.000,--.


Award Ceremony

The prize is usually awarded every 2 years. The award is presented by the President of the DGKL at the opening of the conference. Each award winner is obliged to report on the most important results of their work. They are also obliged to explain their work to the specialised press.



The prize can be awarded to any person who presents outstanding scientific work in the field of biochemical and molecular analytics. The work must have been published or accepted for publication. It may also be awarded for several works published over a longer period of time covering one specific field comprehensively. The award can be split.



The award will be announced through at least five international and national professional bodies. The closing date for entries will be stated with the announcement.

Candidates for the prize may apply directly or be nominated by the members of the DGKL executive committee or the jury. The following documents must be submitted:

a scientific curriculum vitae, a summary of the scientific work and the individual papers on which the proposal is based.


Voting Committee

Three members of the DGKL Presidium, three scientists nominated by the DGKL Presidium, the secretary of the „Biochemical Analytics“ award as appointed by the DGKL executive committee, optionally a representative of the sponsor.

The panel of judges will make a pre-selection from the submitted works. The selected works are submitted to at least two reviewers, who are determined by the panel of judges. The winner will be chosen by the panel of judges in writing and by secret ballot. The majority of the votes cast will decide. In the event of a tie, the election must be repeated. In the event of another tie, the president or deputy president shall decide. In 2024, the Secretary Prof Ralf Lichtinghagen will be responsible for coordination.

The prize will be awarded without recourse to legal action.


Deadline and contact

Please submit all documents by 15.04.2024 as pdf by email to BiochemAnalytik(at)

Award for Biochemical Analytics