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Young Laboratory

Shaping the future of laboratory medicine!

The division Young Laboratory is aimed at young members of the German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. The aim of this division is to provide a network for prospective laboratory physicians and clinical chemists within the Society. This division aims to promote professional, scientific and, in particular, personal exchange and hosts a biennial scientific workshop for this purpose. Networking is intended to support young colleagues in their scientific career planning and general career prospects in our profession. The division strives to make the wide range of funding opportunities offered by the DGKL transparent.

Special tasks

  • Young talent work/advertising
  • Scientific Workshop for Research Funding
  • Networking for young colleagues within the society
  • Public Relations: E.g. action day DGKL annual conference; congresses

Dr. troph. Ronald Biemann / Magdeburg

Dr. med. Larissa Lauterbach / Baden-Baden