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Revision Course Clinical Chemistry/Leukocyte Differentiation

Current Continuing Education Events

Each year, from the end of November onwards, several multi-day events are held in Hannover. Prof. Dr. Lichtinghagen, member of the DGKL e. V. and leading clinical chemist at the Institute for Clinical Chemistry of the Medical University Hannover, organizes a revision course and a leukocyte differentiation course within the framework of the further education decree as deputy chairman of the Continuing Education Commission. During the six-day revision course, around 25 different lecturers present the participants with a summary of the training contents according to syllabus guidelines. In the leukocyte differentiation course, students can carry out practical exercises on microscopic blood cell differentiation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Schuff-Werner.

Upcoming dates in Hannover

Revision Course
1.03.2024 – 16.03.2024

Leukocyte Differentiation Course
16.03.2024 – 17.03.2024