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European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine

Who can become an EuSpLM in Germany?

The title of EuSpLM (European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine) is awarded by the EFLM (European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) as the European association of national associations active in the field of clinical chemistry. Within the EFLM the „Professional committee“ (C-P) is responsible for this task, after taking over the core responsibilities of the previously existing EC-4 association at the end of 2016. Within the C-P, the Working Group „Register“ (WG-R) is responsible for the Registration of all EuSpLM’s. The C-P also cooperates with the „Education and Training Committee“ (C-ET). The task group „EFLM European Syllabus“ (TG-EuSy) is responsible for the further development of the syllabus as well as development of a European revision course via the EFLM e-Learning Platform.

One of their main goals is the harmonisation of continuing education in the field of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.

After successful registration, the EFLM awards the title of EuSpLM to all recognized clinical chemists. Interested individuals can apply for registration at the homepage.The registration process takes about three months. The recognition is valid for five years. After expiry of this period, a re-registration should be performed without delay, as long as activity as a clinical chemist can still be demonstrated.