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Award for Biochemical Analytics – sponsored by: SARSTEDT AG & Co. KG

A prestigious and internationally acclaimed award in biochemical analytics

The German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine e. V. (DGKL) awards the „Biochemical Analytics“ prize for outstanding scientific work in the field of biochemical and molecular analytics.

The prize has been awarded for more than 40 years for methodological advances in the field of biochemical and molecular analytics and for new significant scientific discoveries in the field of biological sciences, particularly in clinical chemistry and clinical biochemistry involving the application of modern analytical methods.

The prize is endowed with €50 000 and is thus one of the most significant awards presented in Germany by a medical society.

A panel of judges appointed by the DGKL executive committee decide on the award of the prize.

The prize is sponsored by SARSTEDT AG & Co. KG.

Award for Biochemical Analytics

Details of the Award
Award Winners


Prof. Yuk-Ming Dennis Lo (DM, DPhil)
Director, Li Ka Shing-Institute
Faculty of Medicine
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Laureate 2019